Product code: LT60203
1.911w x 1.321d x 1.073h (M) 
Double opening doors - 1.46 x 1.96 (M)

Need more storgage space? The Lifetime Horiztonal shed is great for storing your outdoor bins, wood, or even to keep valuable items safes from the elements. They also make fantastic pump sheds.


High Density Polyethylene
Highly durable UV-protected, high-density, double-walled polyethylene plastic with steel reinforcements that gives Lifetime sheds greater strength than other sheds in the market. Polyethylene is also abrasion and scratch-resistant and will not chip or peel.

Attractive Design
The design of the Lifetime shed has all the appeal of a steel and wooden shed without the concern of painting or staining. The modern design is as good as it's strength and durability with a wood-grain molding, a simulated shingled roof and natural color scheme create an aesthetically pleasing addition to your back yard.

Polyethylene flooring
The interlocking system of the polyethylene flooring panels is easy to assemble and does not require any fastening or gluing. The floors are made of HDPE material as the exterior, the flooring is also resistant to oil and stain and is slip resistant. With this robust heavy duty plastic floor you have no concerns of it cracking, peeling or chipping allowing you to store more equipment and so you don’t have to worry about damaging the floor.


Kitset pack
Lifetime sheds are delivered in kitset form.

Steel-reinforced construction

With its double-wall, steel-reinforced construction and steel roof trusses this shed is structurally sound, so they won't buckle during storms, or dent during everyday use. 

Lifetime Horizontal Shed

SKU: LT60203
  • • Steel-Reinforced Construction
    • 2 x Gas Struts for controlled lifting of the lift.
    • UV Protected to prevent weather damage
    • Fits 2 x wheelie bins.
    • Attractive Appearance & Low Maintenance 
    • 5-Year Limited Warranty.


  • Free Shipping NZ Wide.